Friday, February 14, 2014

Robocop in IMAX

Exclusive Clip All About Robocop the IMAX version.

Catch it at your nearest IMAX.

You could find your ‘truth north’, and win big too!

Billed as one of the most romantic films of the year, the locally-produced Pad na Jou Hart is scheduled to release on the most romantic day of the year! Make sure you and your loved one are first in line to see this movie when it screens at select Ster-Kinekor digital cinemas around the country from Friday, 14 February – and you could be in line to win big too.
When you buy your tickets for Pad na Jou Hart, SMS the keyword “PRIZE” and your ticket reference number to 33007. You and your partner could win a five night, mid-week stay at the luxurious country retreat, Dwarsvlei, in the beautiful Karoo that Basson and Amory travel through in the film. She takes photographs along the way and, included in the prize is a three-day photographic workshop, so you too can capture all your special moments together. This wonderfully romantic prize is valued at R10 000.
If the winner of this fantastic prize is a SK Club, Edgars Club or Discovery Vitality movie club member, Ster-Kinekor will include return flights to add to this romantic holiday in the Karoo. To join any of these clubs and enjoy great rewards, benefits and discounts, simply log onto or alternatively sign up at your nearest Ster-Kinekor cinema.
If that isn’t enough to make you feel special during the month of love, you may also be lucky enough to meet the talented cast ofPad na Jou Hart when they visit select Ster-Kinekor cinemas during February and March. You could have a photograph taken with your favourite actors or get their autographs… and then, go and watch them performing on the big screen!
In Pad na Jou Hart, the story centres around the attractive and overly confidant businessman, Basson van Rensburg (Ivan Botha). When his father, van Rensburg Senior (Marius Weyers), passes away, he has five days to make it to the funeral in Cape Town. However, he needs to complete certain tasks along the way before he can call the family company his own. Basson’s ego is instantly crushed when his first task is to hand over his car keys to an old friend of his father’s, Thomas Ndlovu, in exchange for a pair of his handmade ‘vellies’.
On the road trip, Basson meets a beautiful and free-spirited bohemian girl, Amory (Donnalee Roberts), whose car, an old Ford Anglia, has a flat tyre. When Basson spots a slingshot in her car and challenges her to a shoot-off in exchange for a lift, she accepts. Basson wins the challenge and the two set off together on the road trip.
Basson soon realises that Amory is on her own mission when she ticks off the first item on her bucket list – “Help a stranger”.  Amory also captures every part of their journey together, by taking photos along the way. As they journey across the breathtaking beauty of South Africa, the wonderful characters they meet along the way provide both hilarious moments and life changing experiences.
The longer they spend together, the more Basson starts to view life through Amory’s eyes. Falling in love was not part of their plans, yet they both know that nothing has ever felt this right. However, their trip takes a sudden and unexpected turn when a dark figure with his own agenda catches up to them on his motorbike, leaving Basson and Amory with disappointment and heartache. On this rocky road called life, it is inevitable that you will hit a few potholes and take some wrong turns but, no matter how tough the road might seem, en route to true love is where you will find your true north.
Pad na Jou Hart is a romantic-adventure film that will have you laughing, crying and falling in love all over again. Don’t miss it when it opens at select Ster-Kinekor cinemas on Friday, 14 February.

Cinema Meet and Greet and Autographs
15 Feb 5pm Cape Gate
23 Feb 2pm Kolonade
1 March 5pm East Rand Mall

Article by +Fred Felton 

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