Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Review an Oscar-nominated film and you could win courtesy of Cinema Nouveau

Watch an Oscar-nominated film. Post your review. Win great prizes with Cinema Nouveau…

Six nominations for American Sniper. Nine nominations for Birdman. Six for Boyhood. Two for Selma. Nine for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Eight for The Imitation Game. Five for The Theory of Everything. Five for Whiplash.

(American Sniper)

What were your 2015 Oscar nomination predictions for Best Picture but, more importantly, which films do you think will walk away with the golden statues come Oscar night on Sunday, 22 February? Cinema Nouveau is lining up the Oscar-nominated films over the next two months for your viewing pleasure, and we want to know what you think of each film.

(The Grand Budapest Hotel) 

“We’ve all read the critics’ reviews of these films. But, what we are looking for is your review of the Oscar-nominated films – to display in our cinemas, on the big screen and posted on our social media platforms, for the South African movie-loving community to see, share and comment on,” says Lola Gallant, Brand Manager of Cinema Nouveau at Ster-Kinekor Theatres.


According to the experts and movie critics, ‘awards season’ for the best of the best in the movie industry for 2014 is still wide open, but the excitement is mounting. The Golden Globes’ winners were announced amid much fanfare from Beverly Hills on 11 January. The red carpet for the Baftas is currently being brushed up for those awards on 08 February and, with the 2015 Oscar nominations just in, the golden statues are being polished for the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, from Hollywood on 22 February.


Who do you think is going to lay their hands on those coveted Oscar statues? Were the winning films, directors, actors, actresses, directors, producers, composers and so on, worthy recipients of the industry’s highest honour, in your view?

As the countdown begins, Cinema Nouveau wants you to join in this year’s ‘Oscar Buzz’.  Watch any of the Oscar-nominated films in the Best Picture and other categories, post your short, sharp and pithy review on Facebook or Twitter – using the hashtag #OscarBuzz – and you could be in line to win some great weekly prizes: 35 in total over the seven-week period. The competition runs from this Friday, 16 January till 09 March 2015.

Apart from the weekly prizes - the winning review block-mounted and displayed in the foyers of the four Cinema Nouveau complexes in Johannesburg (Rosebank Mall), Pretoria (Brooklyn Mall), Durban (Gateway) and Cape Town (V&A Waterfront) – one lucky person will be the recipient of the grand prize: the Cinema Nouveau Reviewer of 2015.

The winner of this prestigious title will be selected by the Ster-Kinekor marketing team based on the best Oscar-nominated movie review posted on Facebook or Twitter using #OscarBuzz. The prize is a much sought after Ster-Kinekor Movie Premiere Card that entitles the winner for free films at any Cinema Nouveau or Ster-Kinekor cinema for one year! The Cinema Nouveau Reviewer of 2015 will also be a special guest at pre-release screenings of select titles and premiers hosted by South Africa’s leading cinema chain.

Says Gallant: “South Africans love the movies, and they love watching their favourite actors doing what they do best on the big screen. As the 2015 Oscar season officially kicks off today with this year’s Academy Award nominations, we are inviting everyone to join in the excitement and anticipation that is the Oscars, by watching these great films and sharing their views on them.

“Of the Best Picture nominations, two released during 2014, one is currently on circuit, while the remaining five nominated films will be released over the next two months. This is a true reflection that we have access to the best commercial and art-house films, and that the only way to appreciate them fully is to watch them on our big screens at Cinema Nouveau and Ster-Kinekor,” comments Gallant.

Oscar Nominees announced today, 15 January 2015:

Eight films have been nominated for Best Picture, offering local movie-lovers a feast of the best of the best on the big screen at Cinema Nouveau and Ster-Kinekor. They are:

American Sniper – releases on 20 February 2015
Birdman – released on 09 January 2015
Boyhood – released in 2014
Selma – releases on 06 February 2015
The Grand Budapest Hotel – released in 2014
The Imitation Game – releases on 23 January 2015
The Theory of Everything – releases on 27 February 2015
Whiplash – releases on 20 February 2015

“As we start the countdown to the 87th Academy Awards ceremony, we invite you to watch the best of film in the best environment – the comfort of one of our cinemas. Join in the ‘Oscar Buzz’ by posting your review. We would love to know what you think of each of the nominated films, and who you think is taking an Oscar home this year,” concludes Gallant.

Follow the ‘Oscar Buzz’ with Cinema Nouveau on Facebook – Cinema Nouveau or on Twitter @nouveaubuzzJoin the conversation and post your reviews using #OscarBuzz.  
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The full list of 2015 Oscar nominees can be found at: http://oscar.go.com/nominees.

This edition by Fred Felton
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Take a look at Gloria

The perfect film for 2015


Set in Santiago, Chile, this Spanish-language drama (with English sub-titles) centres on Gloria (Paulina Garcia), a vivacious 58-year-old divorcee with grown children who have moved out of the house.
With no desire to spend her days and nights alone wallowing in self- pity, she decides to go out every night to the singles' clubs in hopes of meeting new people. After countless nights of emptiness and disappointment, Gloria meets ex-naval officer Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez) and immediately has romantic feelings towards him.
Finally happy and in a serious relationship, Gloria finds herself having to face her past and becoming open to the future.

DIRECTED BY  Sebastian Lelio
PRODUCED BY   Gonzalo Maza, Juan de Dios Larrain, Pablo Larrain

To book visit www.cinemanouveau.co.za or sterkinekor.mob. Download the Ster-Kinekor App on any Nokia, Samsung Android, iPhone or Blackberry smart phone for updates, news and to book. Follow us on Twitter @nouveaubuzz and on Facebook at Cinema Nouveau. For queries, call Ticketline on 0861-Movies (668 437).