Thursday, January 8, 2015

Take a look at Gloria

The perfect film for 2015


Set in Santiago, Chile, this Spanish-language drama (with English sub-titles) centres on Gloria (Paulina Garcia), a vivacious 58-year-old divorcee with grown children who have moved out of the house.
With no desire to spend her days and nights alone wallowing in self- pity, she decides to go out every night to the singles' clubs in hopes of meeting new people. After countless nights of emptiness and disappointment, Gloria meets ex-naval officer Rodolfo (Sergio Hernandez) and immediately has romantic feelings towards him.
Finally happy and in a serious relationship, Gloria finds herself having to face her past and becoming open to the future.

DIRECTED BY  Sebastian Lelio
PRODUCED BY   Gonzalo Maza, Juan de Dios Larrain, Pablo Larrain

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