Friday, July 18, 2014

Film Review - The Kill Team

Film - The Kill Team
Director - Dan Krauss
United States, 2012.

One of the documentaries showing at The Durban International Film Festival 2014.
This is quite the eye opener and sitting in the packed viewing room at The Elangeni Hotel one gets quickly drawn into the world of war.  Director Dan Krauss gives us deep insight into a group of rogue US soldiers in Afghanistan.  They were known as 'The Kill Team'.  Krauss focuses on one soldier in particular, Adam Winfield.  We discover what he has to go through and the dilemma he faces.  Does he rat on his team or does he just keep his mouth shut and survive his tour of duty?

Featuring riveting interviews with the team members, graphic images, some quite shocking and for me the documentary certainly gives one a deeper insight into war and why they say 'War is Hell'.

Next Viewing: Thursday 24 July, Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre 9pm

Review by +Fred Felton

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