Saturday, July 19, 2014

Film Review - NUOC 2030

Film - NUOC 2030
Cast - Quynh Hoa, Quy Binh
Director - Nghiem-Minh Nguyen-Vo

Had a look at this movie last night.  Set in a futuristic Vietnam in a world where there is no more land.  All you see is water and some floating wastelands.  We get to know Sao and her husband Thi.  They live a simple life on a floating house of sorts.  Thi goes out in search of food and Sao tends to the home.   Water is at a premium in this world.  Even such things as washing or cleaning fish prove hard.

The Director shows us quite a deal about their relationship and all is not as it may seem.
All is not well at sea.

One of the filmmakers from NUOC 2030 joined us for the viewing and he gave us some added insight into the making of this film.

In case you were wondering 'NUOC' means Water in Vietnamese.

Next showing at DIFF - Tuesday, 22 July 8pm Musgrave

Review by +Fred Felton

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